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Indian visas are necessary for all foreigners visiting India.
There are several kinds of visas including Entry Visa, Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Long Terms Visa(upto 5 years with multiple entry facilities) etc. are available.

Also Collective Landing Permits are available for foreign tourists in groups.
Most Consulates approve and issue visitor's visa in one day. B-1 is business visa and B-2 is a tourist visa, though they are often issued together to allow flexibility of purpose. B-1/2 are issued for ten year. You may not be employed or operate your own business in the US on a visitor's visa. Although you may make any number of trips into the US on a visitor's visa the length of each visit is limited to a maximum of six months. After six months, you must either leave or apply for an extension of stay. You may not legally use your visitor's visa to live permanently in the US.

» Valid Passport: Of forms (from the consulates); Form I - Form I-539, (to apply for extension)
» Documents showing ties to your country. Real estate, close family members, property or job left behind which you may want to return to.
» Proof of financial support? Form I-134, Affidavit of support? US relative or letter from a relative inviting you to a visit, stating you are welcome to stay with him or her ?
» Bank statements
» Personal financial statements
» Evidence of current sources of income
» If you are proposing to go to USA, EUROPE or Canada, a letter from your employer or from your company or in the casev of business visa, appropriate invitation is a must, explaining the reasons for your visit.
» Applications for visitor's visa are trickiest of all. First impression is the last impression. Either you are a tourist or you are not. The Consul can see through your application very quickly no matter how or what you say whatever may be your position financially or otherwise.

Unless your circumstances change, it is unlikely that once declined application for tourist visa will be successful on the second attempt. Contact us for some alternative advise.
This is a normal practice with Embassies of USA, UK, Canada and European countries to stamp passport if visa is denied.

USA: if Consular officer is convinced after asking you a few questions and examining your documents of your assets and family funds and that you will come back after your study, business, holiday trip or meeting your relatives, he will grant you the visa otherwise he will stamp your passport saying " Visa Application Received on…" This means visa is denied.

UK High Commission is very unique. After Entry Officer interviews you and if he is not satisfied , he will deny the visa by giving a letter of reasons and will also stamp your passport.You have the right to reapply personally or by mail as per the UK Immigration Law.
Visa is normally rejected because:
» Your answers to the questions are not satisfactory.
» The interpreter wrongly interprets you if you are giving interview in Hindi or Punjabi.
» Your file is not complete as per your profession/business/job. You do not have the sufficient funds or the officer has his own doubts of your intentions.
MOST IMPORTANT: You were not able to explain during your interview the purpose of your visit and why you will come back.
Even if your visa is denied or rejected and passport is stamped once or twice, after going through your file, we can assess the reasons for denial and offer you approperiate advice. We have to see your documents,file and also prepare you mentally to face Consular Officer with confidence.

Our experience shows that when you apply by mail on the basis of genuine emergency, we make a special request that you should be considered once again and given the opportunity to explain your case, normally the high ranking officer of the embassy goes through your file and they send you a letter to reappear, in most of the cases visa is granted. For more details consult us.
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